Course Project


The Course Project is worth a significant portion of your grade. It offers you the chance to flex your newly acquired skills toward an application of your choosing.

To inspire ideas, you might look at recent deep learning publications from top-tier NLP conferences and labs, as well as other resources below.

For applications, this type of projects would involve careful data preparation, an appropriate loss function, details of training and cross-validation and good test set evaluations and model comparisons. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box.

For models, we have included below some pretty cool papers.

If you would like to use AWS for your project, please read our tutorial

Important Dates

Course project proposal: due April 21.
Course project milestone: due May 15.
The poster session will be held 2-5pm at Gates (AT&T patio) on June 1.
Final course project: due June 3 (11:59pm).

Grading Policy

  Final Project: 40%
  milestone: 5%
  write-up: 10%
   •  clarity, structure, language, references: 3%
   •  background literature survey, good understanding of the problem: 3%
   •  good insights and discussions of methodology, analysis, results, etc.: 4%
  technical: 12%
   •  correctness: 4%
   •  depth: 4%
   •  innovation: 4%
  evaluation and results: 10%
   •  sound evaluation metric: 3%
   •  thoroughness in analysis and experimentation: 3%
   •  results and performance: 4%
  poster: 3% (+2% bonus for best few posters)

Project Proposal

The project proposal should be a few short paragraphs (200-400 words overall). If you work on your own project, your proposal should contain the headings:

Submission: Please upload one proposal per team on Gradescope. Unless you have written a petition proposal to us (and we have accepted it) you are only allowed to have two people per team.

Project Milestone

Your project milestone report should be between 2 - 3 pages using the provided template. The following is a suggested structure for your report:

Submission: Please upload a on PDF file per team on Gradescope.

Final Submission

Your final write-up should be between 6 - 8 pages using the provided template. After the class, we will post all the final reports online so that you can read about each others' work. If you do not want your writeup to be posted online, then please let us know at least a week in advance of the final writeup submission deadline.

Submit your final submission as intsructed below:
  1. A PDF file of your final report submitted through Gradescope.
  2. (OPTIONAL) zip file with Supplementary Materials (e.g. code) through our Box folder.
Note that, each individual in a team is required to make submission (i.e. the same PDF and zip file) for grading purpose.

Report. The following is a suggested structure for the report:
Supplementary Material is not counted toward your 6-8 page limit.
Examples of things to put in your supplementary material: Examples of things to not put in your supplementary material:

Poster Session

We will hold a poster session in which you will present the results of your projects is form of a poster. The poster session will happen on June 3rd, 2:00-5:00pm, at AT&T patio (the lawn behind Gates building). Poster boards and easels will be provided.

Example Project Reports

Your project reports should structure like a NLP conference paper (NIPS, ICML, EMNLP, ACL, etc.). You can find publications from Stanford NLP Group from here. In addition, you may also take a look at some previous projects from other Stanford CS classes, such as CS221, CS229, CS224W and CS231n

Collaboration Policy

You can work in teams of up to 2 people.

Honor Code

You may consult any papers, books, online references, or publicly available implementations for ideas and code that you may want to incorporate into your strategy or algorithm, so long as you clearly cite your sources in your code and your writeup. However, under no circumstances may you look at another group’s code or incorporate their code into your project.

If you are doing a similar project for another class, you must make this clear and write down the exact portion of the project that is being counted for CS224d.