Reports for 2015

Project NameAuthors
Classifying responses on online discussion forums Aaron Abajian
Opinion Tagging Using Deep Recurrent Nets with GRUs Alex Adamson / Vehbi Deger Turan
Entity Level Sentiment Analysis for Amazon Web Reviews Y. Ahres / N. Volk
MT using RNNs enriched with Universal Anonymous
Selecting Best Answers from Question-Answers Pairs Anonymous
Gender Classification with Deep Learning Aric Bartle / Jim Zheng
Large Scale Multi-label Text Classification with Semantic Word Vectors Mark J. Berger
Job Classification Based on LinkedIn Summaries Eric Boucher / Clement Renault
Exploring Two Extensions to LSTM Machine Translation James Bradbury
Graph Neural Networks and Boolean Satisfiability Benedikt Bunz / Matthew Lamm
Quote Attribution for Literary Text with Neural Networks Arun Chaganty / Grace Muzny
Sentence Extraction for Yelp Review Summarization Elaina Chai / Neil Gallagher
A Deep Architecture for Coreference Resolution Xiao Cheng / Rob Voigt
Neural Coreference Resolution Kevin Clark
Annotating protein secondary structure from sequence Aaron Cravens / Christopher Probert
NeuralTalk on Embedded System and GPU-accelerated RNN Subhasis Das / Song Han
Simultaneous Visual and Linguistic Embeddings with CNNs and T-LSTMs Nick Dufour / Jayant Thatte / Prasanth Veerina
Making a Manageable Email Experience with Deep Learning Louis Eugene / Isaac Caswell
Quantify customer perception using natural language reviews Amit Garg / Rahul Venkatraj
Document Embeddings via Recurrent Language Models Andrew Giel / Ryan Diaz
Classification of EEG with Recurrent Neural Networks Alex S. Greaves
Japanese-to-English Machine Translation Using Recurrent Neural Networks Eric Greenstein / Daniel Penner
Formatting Instructions for NIPS 2013 Kyle G Griswold
Sentiment Analysis with Deeply Learned Distributed Representations of Variable Length Texts James Hong / Michael Fang
Improving Paragraph2Vec Seokho Hong
Deanonymizing Quora Answers Pranav Jindal / Ashwin Paranjape
Answering Reading Comprehension Using Memory Networks Darshan Kapashi / Pararth Shah
Learning Sentence Vector Representations to Summarize Yelp Reviews Neal Khosla / Vignesh Venkataraman
Convolutional Encoders for Neural Machine Translation Andrew Lamb / Michael Xie
Restaurant Menu Generation From User Reviews Guoxing Li / Tianxin Zhao
Conquering vanishing gradient: Tensor Tree LSTM on aspect-sentiment classification Shenxiu Liu / Qingyun Sun
Application of Neural Networks in the Semantic Parsing Re-Ranking Problem Reginald Long / Colin Wei
Deep Sentence-Level Authorship Attribution Stephen Macke / Jason Hirshman
Solving Text Imputation Using Recurrent Neural Networks Arathi Mani
Aspect Specific Sentiment Analysis of Unstructured Online Reviews Elliot Marx / Zachary Yellin-Flaherty
Learning Hypernymy over Word Embeddings Neha Nayak
GRUV: Algorithmic Music Generation using Recurrent Neural Networks ( and video ) Aran Nayebi / Matt Vitelli
Deep Learning For Mathematical Functions Kesinee Ninsuwan
Humor Detection in Yelp reviews Luke de Oliveira / Alfredo Lainez Rodrigo
There and Back Again: Autoencoders for Textual Reconstruction Barak Oshri / Nishith Khandwala
Semantic image search using queries Shabaz Basheer Patel / Anand Sampat
EqnMaster: Evaluating Mathematical Expressions with Generative Recurrent Networks Amani V. Peddada / Arthur L. Tsang
Document Similarity using Feed Forward Neural Networks Jackson Poulos / Leonard Bronner
Deep learning for sentiment analysis of movie reviews Hadi Pouransari / Saman Ghili
POS tagging of Chinese Buddhist texts using Recurrent Neural Networks Longlu Qin
Author Attribution with CNN’s Dylan Rhodes
Bag of Words Meets Bags of Popcorn Amir Sadeghian / Ali Reza Sharafat
Deep Learning for Semantic Similarity Adrian Sanborn / Jacek Skryzalin
Recursive Nested Neural Network for Sentiment Analysis Milad Sharif / Hossein Karkeh Abadi
Modeling Hotel Quality Belief in Natural Language Reviews Evan Shieh / Alex Zamoshchin
Applications of Deep Learning to Sentiment Analysis of Movie Reviews Houshmand Shirani-Mehr
Recurrent Recursive Neural Networks for Sentiment Analysis Amandeep Singh
End-to-End Deep Neural Network for Automatic Speech Recognition William Song / Jim Cai
Sentiment Analysis on Movie Reviews using Recursive and Recurrent Neural Network Architectures Aditya Timmaraju / Vikesh Khanna
A Look Into the World of Reddit with Neural Networks Jason Ting
Deep Learning for Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis Bo Wang / Min Liu
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User Status Generation Based on Personality and Topic
Yilun Wang / Shijie Liu
From Movie Reviews to Restaurants Recommendation Xing Margaret FU / Xiaocheng LI
On the effectiveness and simplicity of linear recursive neural network Peng Xu / Ruoxi Wang
Wallace: Author Detection via Recurrent Neural Networks Leon Yao / Derrick Liu
Twitter Sentiment Analysis with Recursive Neural Networks Ye Yuan / You Zhou
Multiclass Sentiment Prediction using Yelp Business Reviews April Yu / Daryl Chang
Learning Representations for Relation Classification Victor Zhong