Reports for 2016

Project NameAuthors
Abstractive Sentence Summarization with Attentive Deep Recurrent Neural Networks Alex Alifimoff
Deep Learning for Music Allen Huang/ Raymond Wu
Identifying Delegation in Congressional Bills Christian Fong
Deep Learning for Query Semantic Domains Classification I-Ting Fang
Learning the Language of the Genome using RNNs Jesse M. Zhang / Govinda M. Kamarth
Predicting Closed Stack Overflow Questions Levi Franklin
Abstractive Summarization for Amazon Reviews Lu Yang
ICD-9 Coding of Discharge Summaries Luke Lefebure
Automated Neural Image Caption Generator for Visually Impaired People Christopher Elamri, Teun de Planque
"I Have the Best Classifiers": Identifying Speech Imitating the Style of Donal Trump Michael Dickens
Learning CNN-LSTM Architectures for Image Caption Generation Moses Soh
Character-level Recurrent Text Prediction Melvin Low
Designer Chatbots for Lonely People Roy Chan
Using Feedforward and Recurrent Neural Networks to Predict a Blogger's Age Tim Moon / Eric Liu
Binarized Neural Networks for Language Modeling Weiyi Zheng / Yina Tang
A Hierarchical Model for Text Autosummarization Zhengpeng Zhou
Predicting Popularity of Fanfiction Stories Based on Title and Summary Aojia Zhao
Explorations in Identifying and Summarizing Subjective Content in Text Poorna Kumar / Viswajith Venugopal
Transfer Learning: The Impact of Test Set Word Vectors, with Applications to Political Tweets Nikhil Garg / Arjun Seshadri
Visual Question Answering Using Various Methods Shuhui Qu
Whose Line Is It? – Quote Attribution through Recurrent Neural Networks Edward Schemerling
LSTMs and Dynamic Memory Networks for Human-Written Simple Question Answering Zack Swafford / Alex Barron
The art of deep learning (applied to NLP) Pascal Pompey
Dynamic Memory Network on Natural Language Question-Answering Qian Lin / Hongyu Xiong
A Survey of Techniques for Sentiment Analysis in Movie Reviews and Deep Stochastic Recurrent Nets Chase Lochmiller
Neural Theorem Prover Yuan Arianna
Stochastic Dropout: Activation-level Dropout to Learn Better Neural Language Models Allen Nie
Gated Recurrent Units for Airline Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data Yixin Tang / Jiada Liu
Dynamic Inference: Using Dynamic Memory Networks for Question Answering Allan Jiang / Chaitanya Asawa
Learning Language Models of Movie Characters Oguz H. Elibol
DeepRock Ilan Goodman / Sunil Pan
Understanding Hollywood through Dialogues Aashana Garg / Vinaya Polamreddi
Using Contextual Information for Neural Natural Language Inference Billovits, C. / Eric, M.
Constituency-Tree Recursive Neural Network for Quiz Bowl Answering Chuan Tian / Wenyue Sun
Predict the Relevance of Search Results on Luyang Chen / Ruoxuan Xiong
Protein Family Classification with Neural Networks Timothy K. Lee / Tuan Nguyen
Attend and Hop Tin-Yun Ho / Jade Huang
Dynamic Memory Networks for Question Answering Arushi Raghuvanshi / Patrick Chase
Extensions to Tree-Recursive Neural Networks for Natural Language Inference Raghav Gupta / Nihit Desai
A Recurrent Neural Network for Musical Structure Processing and Expectation Tim O’Brien / Iran Rom´an
Novel Image Captioning Daniel Thirman
Log File Anomaly Detection Tian Yang / Vikas Agrawal
Amazon Food Review Classification using Deep Learning and Recommender System Zhenxiang Zhou / Lan Xu
Neural Networks for Natural Language Inference Sebastian Schuster
A Batch-Normalized Recurrent Network for Sentiment Classification Horia Margarit / Raghav Subramaniam
Deep Learning for Natural Language Sequence Labelling Applied to Epigenomics Seth Hildick-Smith / Ivaylo Bahtchevanov
Sentiment analysis of adverse vaccine event reports Gregory J. Lambert
A Deep Learning Analytic Suite for Maximizing Twitter Impact Zhao Chen / Alexander Hristov
Reddit Comment Generator - Project Report Braulio Chavez
Question Answering Using Deep Learning Eylon Stroh / Priyank Mathur
Improved Learning through Augmenting the Loss Hakan Inan / Khashayar Khosravi
Predicting Words from their Description 1 Troy O’Neal
CS224D Final Report: Deep Recurrent Attention Networks for LATEX to Source Keegan Go / Kenji Hata
Sentiment Classification of Food Reviews Hua Feng / Ruixi Lin
Evaluate Helpfulness in Amazon Reviews Using Deep Learning Bobby Nguy
Exploring the Depths of Recurrent Neural Networks with Stochastic Residual Learning Sabeek Pradhan / Shayne Longpre
Learning hypernymy in distributed word vectors via a stacked LSTM network Irving Rodriguez
Predicting answer types for question-answering Ivan Bogatyy
Personified Autoresponder Arun Mahendra
Wikification: Entity annotation with Wikipedia Jie Tang
Ask Me Even More: Dynamic Memory Tensor Networks (Extended Model) Ajay Sohmshetty / Govardana Sachithanandam Ramachandran
Topical Classification and Divergence on Reddit Amanda Chow / Jenny Hong
Summarizing Reviews and Predicting Rating for Yelp Dataset Suhas Suresha
Discovering Adverse Drug Reactions via Natural Language Processing of Twitter Posts Benjamin Pastel / Blanca Villanueva
Flame Wars: Automatic Insult Detection Sasha Sax
Stacked RNNs for Encoder-Decoder Networks: Accurate Machine Understanding of Images John Lambert
Microblog Geolocation using Language Variation Deep Learning David Zucker
DeepPlaylist: Using Recurrent Neural Networks to Predict Song Similarity Anusha Balakrishnan / Kalpit Dixit
Distributed Representations for Automating MeSH Indexing Scott A Longwell
Question Answering with Dynamic Memory Networks from Knowledge Encoded in Natural Language Daniel De Freitas Adiwardana / Siamak Shakeri
All for One: Multi-Modal, Multi-Tasking Bryan McCann / Nat Roth
Sentiment Analysis using LSTM Networks and their Effectiveness on Data Varying from the Training Domain Thomas McHale Stitt
A Recurrent Neural Network Based Recommendation System David Zhan Liu / Gurbir Singh
News Authorship Identification with Deep Learning Huafei Wang / Liuyu Zhou
DeepSeek: A video captioning tool for making videos searchable Kratarth Goel / Juhi Naik
Skip Connections and Multiple Matrices in Recurrent Neural Networks Mihir Mongia
Image Caption Generation with Recursive Neural Networks Christine Donnelly
Deep Learning for Amazon Food Review Sentiment Analysis Jiayu Wu / Tianshu Ji
Merging Recurrence and Inception-Like Convolution for Sentiment Analysis Alex Kuefler
Sentence Correction using Recurrent Neural Networks Gene Lewis
Understanding pro-social landing: prediction of funding time using loan descriptions on Kiva Yuanyuan Shen / Zi Yin
Knowledge extraction from medical literature using Recurrent Neural Networks Abhimanyu Banerjee
Neural Network Ensembles for Sentiment Classification Tri Dao
Concept Linking for Clinical Text Justin Fu
Show, Discriminate, and Tell: A Discriminatory Image Captioning Model with Deep Neural Networks Alan Zelun Luo / Boya Peng
Neural Networks for Automated Essay Grading Huyen Nguyen / Lucio Dery
Natural Language Inference, Sentence representation and Attention Mechanism Cyprien de Lichy
Political Bias Analysis Arkajyoti Misra / Sanjib Basak